Sony ExpressOn DSC-QX100 Interchangeable Smartphone Camera Lens To Cost $450

SonyAlpha Rumors have heard from their credible source that Sony's interchangeable lens, dubbed ExpressOn, for Smartphones will cost at least $450 for the base model, making it a rather steep investment. This might put off many buyers who were initially excited about this new feature, to be officially announced by the Japanese company in their press event scheduled for September 4th.

The ExpressOn DSC-QX100 will pack a 20.2 megapixel CMOS sensor, f/1.8 aperture, 3.6x optical zoom and will support both Android and iOS devices (although the list of compatible devices is not known yet). Mind you, for $450 you'll be getting your hands on a lens that is as capable as the one found in Sony's RX-100 II camera, which costs $750 by the way, in case you were going to sit and do the math. Granted buying a high-end Smartphone and camera lens separately will end up to be very costly, but for those who already have the phone and were looking to buy a DSLR, the ExpressOn range of products will really be a game changer.

More details to be released on September 4, right before IFA 2013 officially kicks off.