Valve Greelights 100 Titles On Steam

After admitting last month that the Greenlight program needed improvement, Valve has stated on their official news feed that they have approved 100 titles. They state that they have reached the point where they are ready to start "stress testing" their system.

As we work to streamline the publishing workflow and improve the tools available to developers preparing for release on Steam, we've reached a point where we are ready to stress-test our system.

The best way to accomplish this is to invite a significant number of developers to use the updated tools and systems, ship their games and software with these tools, and to give us feedback so that we may continue to improve the process.

To that end, today we've Greenlit another 100 titles, bringing the total number of titles offered worldwide Steam publishing agreements via Greenlight to 260.

Valve also stated that future batches of games were unlikely to be as large, but if their testing pans out they would continue to increase the number approved.

You can check out the full list of titles here.