SimCity Now Available For Mac

In what may be the shortest press release we've seen in a long time, Maxis has announced that their city simulation game, SimCity, is now available for the Mac. The game will include support for cross-platform interaction so PC players can play alongside Mac users.

Here's the press release in its entirety;

SimCityTM, the ultimate city simulation game, is now available for Mac as a digital release via OriginTM* and other digital retailers.
SimCity for Mac and PC allows players to create and destroy the cities of their imaginations, and has been rated PEGI 7 for both PC and Mac.

SimCity had it's share of problems when it launched back in March of this year due to backlash from the always on DRM and overloaded servers that made it impossible for people who purchased the game to even access the single player portion of the game.

If you already own SimCity for the PC, you will receive a free version for the Mac OS.