Bunch Of High-Res Photos Show Off The Sony Xperia Z1 Honami From Every Angle


If you're among that group of people who are eagerly waiting for new products to be announced at IFA 2013 next month before making a buying decision (regarding a Smartphone), chances are that you have been holding out this long to see Sony's Xperia Z1 in action. Codenamed Honami, this phone has created more buzz than the last couple of Sony's mobile phones combined, and for good reason too.

Up until now, we never got the chance to see clear high-resolution snaps of the device. That changed earlier today with a fresh batch of leaked high-res images. After months of teasing and weeks of image leaks, here are the first ever high-resolution images of the Sony Xperia Z1 Honami.

The device is nothing short of sexy, and bears the same Xperia Z Ultra design shrunken to fit a 5-inch display, a design that we've come to associate with the world "premium", perhaps in the highest regard.

Not much time left for Sony's official announcement, slated for September 4th right before IFA 2013 officially kicks off.