Grimm Bros Reveals Dragon Fin Soup RPG

Dragon Fin Soup, a role playing game with a rouge like twist, was announced as the first game that Grimm Bros, a studio co-founded by the former COO of Human Head, would be making. The game features tactical combat, dual wielding and other RPG goodness.

The developers describe the game as, "a classic RPG served up with juicy chunks of action, Rogue-like flavors and a side of twisted fairy tales," and will feature, "epic tales of betrayal, murder, and dark mysteries."

Here are some of the features of the game;

  • Use fast paced tactical combat to show your enemies what's for dinner.
  • Delicious new maps and fresh worlds each time you play.
  • Deeply flawed heroes fermenting through unique storylines.
  • A scrumptious 2D world created by the award winning artist, Randis Albion.
  • Dual Wielding: Two hands, two spoons!
  • Forces of Nature! Churning weather and crunchy earthquakes.
  • Tired of killing? Chillax and do some crafting, fishing, mining, digging, and cooking.
  • Swords for hire and awesome pets to chew your enemies up.

They also dropped a game trailer so you can check that out too.