Tencent's Promotional Offer: 10 TeraByte Of Free Cloud Storage

Chinese company Tencent, in a bid to outdo all competition, is offering users up to 10 terabytes of free cloud storage. Folks, there ain't no typo in there, it's 10 TB, with a capital 'T'. This move was made to leave Chinese rivals Weibo and Baidu in the dust, and yes they did.

To make avail of the 10 TB of storage, users need to sign up to the company's service online, offer their QQ account number and then download the 'Weiyun' app, post which you get just 1 TB ("just"). Your storage limit gradually expands to 10 TB, as you go on storing your data online. Think of it as a bladder, it keeps expanding as you keep storing, until it reaches its capacity, which is 10 TB (okay, that was a really bad reference there, I sincerely apologize for any post-dinner throw-ups induced due to the same).

1 TB by Tencent, 25 GB by Microsoft (SkyDrive). Suddenly, the latter's offering looks very puny in comparison.