Candy Crush Saga Explodes In Popularity, Rakes In Over $600,000 A Day

Candy Crush Saga is the... Wait, you haven't heard about this game yet? Chances are, you're living under a rock, or perhaps that you use a Nokia Asha phone, but here's something you do need to know, the developers of Candy Crush Saga are rich, filthy stinking rich, thanks to their one game (and another one too).

The Candy Crush Saga app is available on Facebook, iOS and Android, and boasts of a mind-blowing 132.4 million unique monthly players, up from the 40 million estimate made by AppData only last week. The company,'s second game called Pet Rescue Saga also boasts an impressive number of 41.2 million. According to a report, the game is raking in over $600,000 in revenue everyday thanks to its chosen micro-transactions payment model (and that is why micro-transactions exist). The combined earnings from both games is estimated to be about $1 million per day.

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Don't you wish you were the developer of a popular mobile game like Candy Crush Saga?