What Nestlé Gets in Return for Android 4.4 Codename

On Tuesday, Google announced Android 4.4, its next mobile operating system, which will feature the company codename "KitKat." It's a first for Google to use a registered trademark, held by Nestlé and Hershey's for the world famous chocolate wafer fingers in this case, as a codename. It turns out the Swiss food company stands to get more than just free marketing and Google's eternal gratitude.

Google won't be paying Nestlé cash for letting it use the trademark in marketing the operating system, but will support a huge multi-national marketing campaign for KitKat. Across 19 countries, over 50 million packs of KitKat will bear Android branding, hundreds of thousands of Google Play cards worth $5 each (which can be turned in for paid apps or content), and thousands of Nexus 7 tablets, will be up for grabs.

Android is one of the few brands in which the codename is as heavily used in marketing, as the software version number itself. Such branding took off since "Gingerbread" Android 2.3, which was path-breaking compared to its predecessors, followed by an equally big "Ice Cream Sandwich" Android 4.0, and "Jelly Bean" Android 4.1-4.3.