Alcatel Unveils Idol Alpha to IFA Crowds

Alcatel One Touch unveiled the Idol Alpha to crowds at IFA, which goes underway a little later this week. The 4.7-inch premium smartphone design is characterized by a glowy edges that double up as notification LEDs, and a design that doesn't borrow from other brands.

To begin with, the Idol Alpha features a unique curvy design, with chrome highlights, and a translucent line running its edges nestled inside an aluminium frame, which glows either to function like an ambi-light during video playback, or as system notifications LED (messages, calls, battery charging, etc.). The device is under 7.5 mm thick.

The only specifications we have at hand point to an HD (1280 x 720 pixels) edge-to-edge IPS LCD screen on the 4.7-incher, and a scary-sounding "1.20 GHz quad-core CPU." Here's hoping Alcatel didn't cheap out with an MT-6589.