MediaTek Helio X30 Spotted On Geekbench, Manufacturers Are Reportedly Not Interested In It

MediaTek is playing a catch up with Samsung, Qualcomm and Apple. All three companies have chipsets that are very similar in terms of performance, while MediaTek, Huawei and others are a level below. MediaTek has been trying to release a chipset that would pair with the offerings from the aforementioned companies, but it has failed to do that.

The Helio X30 was a promising chipset on paper, but it has been official for a few months now and we have yet to see the first product with it. The chipset has now leaked on Geekbench, but the results aren't impressive. It looks to be on par with the last-gen Snapdragon 820, but considering that we are looking at pre-production chip that is clocked at only 1.59 GHz, the performance could be improved significantly.

The bad thing about the chipset is that companies are not very interested in it. Reportedly Huawei, Oppo and Vivo have no plans on releasing a Helio X30-powered device, which could be a big problem for MediaTek.