Breath Test Capable Of Detecting 17 Diseases (Including Cancer) Revealed

Researchers with the Israel Institute of Technology have created a simple breath analysis system that can detect 17 diseases, including cancer. It's not accurate enough for clinical use, but it has the potential to be a worthwhile noninvasive tool.

The device looks for a variety of chemicals associated with eight types of cancer, Crohn's disease, Parkinson's, and other medical conditions.

These odor signatures are what enables us to identify the diseases using the technology that we developed, - Hossam Haick, researcher

An "artificially intelligent nanoarray" called the Na-Nose uses sensors to pick up on the chemicals. Once the collected data from a single breath is analyzed, the system can identify the right condition 86% of the time.

The team built their test using breath samples from 1,400 patients.