Lawsuit Blames FaceTime For Car Accident That Led To Child's Death

Apple is being sued in Texas due to the contribution of distracted driving to a car accident in 2014 that led to the death of a 5-year-old girl. The child's family is suing Apple because the man responsible was using FaceTime. Along with the daughter's death, other members of the family were injured.

They're blaming Apple for the accident because it allegedly should have warned drivers against using FaceTime. The lawsuit also says Apple could have used a patented system to keep drivers from using the app.

It hasn't commented directly on the legal action, though Apple has said it believes drivers are responsible for how they use their Apple products.

The driver in question, Garrett Wilhelm, was charged with manslaughter.

Plaintiffs allege APPLE, INC.'s failure to design, manufacture, and sell the Apple iPhone 6 Plus with the patented, safer alternative design technology already available to it that would automatically lock-out or block users from utilizing APPLE, INC.'s 'FaceTime' application while driving a motor vehicle at highway speed, and failure to warn users that the product was likely to be dangerous when used or misused in a reasonably foreseeable manner and/or instruct on the safe usage of this and similar applications, rendered the Apple iPhone 6 defective when it left defendant APPLE, INC's possession, and were a substantial factor in causing plaintiffs' injuries and decedent's death. - Lawsuit