Qualcomm Expects There To Be Many Wearables From Fashion Brands This Year

Even though the wearable market isn't doing tremendously well and some tech companies are separating themselves from it, Qualcomm thinks there will be a lot of wearables this year. Describing it as a "new category," Qualcomm says the market is still being established, so there's no real "trend" towards wearables not doing well.

I don't buy those trends. Android Wear launched June 2014, Apple Watch in April 2015, the first Tizen watch launched September 2014, and the first WebOS watch launched February 2016 — this is a new category. Categories don't happen in a year … categories take a few years to get established. All these things we're talking about are from the last two years. - Pankaj Kedia, senior director of product management, Qualcomm

Kedia says 2017 will see an "accelerated" release of wearables. "Many more smartwatches" will come from fashion brands in particular. He believes a lot of those products will be unveiled at Baselworld 2017. There will be more fashion-centric wearables for men and women.

Swarovski came to us and they said 'most of the smartwatches today seem like they are built for men, and the definition of a women's watch is rose gold but the size doesn't change. Now, I want to build the smallest, thinnest, smartwatch on the planet — it needs to look feminine. - Kedia