First Sample Shots of Galaxy Note 3 Surface

Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 may feature an identical-sounding imaging department to the one inside a Galaxy S4, but really has a couple of distinct advantages in the video-capture department: the ability to record 1080p video at 60 frames per second, and ultra HD (2160p) video at lower frame-rates.

GSMArena quickly captures a couple of pictures, and a 1080p (30 fps) video using a Galaxy Note 3 that's on display at IFA, and transferred its creations to their devices, to post. The publication writes;

The Galaxy Note 3 shows good early signs and we can bet that it uses some of the Galaxy S4's proven imaging prowess in its own snapper - whether it's the camera sensor, module or just the processing. Images turn out good with very high levels of detail. Also the Note 3 was able to shoot at below-100 ISO in an environment where we thought it will surpass 200. Noise is kept well in check as well. The camera was super snappy to focus and shoot.

The reason we imagine GSM Arena couldn't take 1080p @ 60 Hz and 2160p @ 30 Hz samples, we imagine, is because of the limited time on their hands. Such video files could be huge in terms of file-size, if they're shot at reasonable lengths.