IHS Publishes List Of Top 10 Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer

Chinese smartphone manufacturers have been dominating the market lately. Although they still have some work to do before taking the top spot, the number of shipped smartphones in 2016 is impressive. The Director of IHS Technology, Wang Yang, published a list of top 10 Chinese smartphone manufacturers in 2016 according to shipments.

The best manufacturer is Huawei, which dominates the list with 139 million shipments last year. Its closest competitor is OPPO, with a total of 95 million shipments. The third company is OPPO's sister company Vivo, with 82 million units. Then there is Xiaomi with 58, followed by ZTE with 57, Lenovo and Motorola with 50, TCL with 34, Gionee with 28, Meizu 22 and LeEco with 19 million units.