Magic Leap CEO Defends Company, Says Leaked Photo Was Of Test Rig

Rony Abovitz, CEO of Magic Leap, has jumped into action to defend his company in the wake of a damaging leaked image. A photo posted by Business Insider over the weekend claimed to show "a working prototype" of Magic Leap's AR device. The device in the photo was clearly not close to being ready for consumers.

According to Abovitz, the photo was merely of an "R&D test rig" that's used to "collect room/space data for our machine vision/machine learning work."

He attempted to assure those who still have faith in the company that Magic Leap won't let them down.

The photo follows a December report from The Information that claimed the company was far from offering a consumer device. It also said a promo video for Magic Leap was created by a special effects company and didn't display actual capabilities.