Kodak Signs Agreement With Archos To Make Kodak-Branded Tablets

Kodak has announced today that it has selected ARCHOS, a pioneer in consumer electronics and a strong pan-European company, as a brand licensee in the European tablet market. The French company will be manufacturing a number of Android tablets, but the announcement did not go into specifics on the deal except that tablet will become available by the summer of 2017.

As a Kodak-branded product, we would assume that the tablets will have great camera performance, but tablets aren't really the most photography-oriented devices out there.

We are very proud to become one of Kodak's licensees to jointly develop their brand into the tablet world. We truly look forward to putting these devices into people's hands.

We are excited to be adding ARCHOS to our portfolio of brand licensees … ARCHOS has a strong track record in the computer tablet sector. The French brand was the first to introduce a GOOGLE ANDROID tablet in 2009 and is recognized as a key player in the European tablet market with broad retail presence.