Virgin Establishes Spinoff For Launching Small Satellites

Virgin Group's Galactic company has a new spinoff that's dedicated to satellite launches. The spinoff, known as Virgin Orbit, includes the LauncherOne program. LauncherOne utilizes a 747 airplane to launch small satellites.

There are three clear space-centric entities within Virgin Group. Virgin Galactic for space tourism, The Spaceship Company for designing spaceships that'll be used by Galactic, and Virgin Orbit.

Dan Hart, former VP of government satellite systems at Boeing, is leading Virgin Orbit.

The perfect next challenge is to lead Virgin Orbit's entrepreneurial team through a transformative time for not only Virgin Orbit but also the industry. To me, the Virgin brand is about making life on Earth better, and we are going to fulfill that purpose by accessing Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to connect billions of people and enabling valuable applications of data from space through Virgin Orbit's flexible, affordable, and reliable launch service. - Hart