New Google Glass XE9 Update Brings 'Vignette',YouTube Videos And More

Google has released a new update for their popular but limited Project Glass Explorer kits. Dubbed 'XE9', the new update brings a couple of new features to all those who are lucky enough to own and be using one of these cool new wearable computing devices.

First up is 'vignette', a feature that allows users to take a complete screenshot, which includes what you are looking at at the time the image is captured. Have a look at the sample image to know exactly what we mean by that.

Secondly, Glass users have been greeted with support for YouTube videos. Watching videos couldn't be a more "hands-free" experience that watching something on Glass, whose search results show YouTube results post the system software update.

There's one more significant new feature. Dubbed "Sound Search", it allows users to easily learn the song that they are listening to (but have no clue about its name, artist or anything whatsoever) in the easiest possible manner, bu just having to swipe forward after long pressing the touchpad, or by simply saying "What song is this?"

With each passing update, Google Glass begins to look more and more like a complete device than ever. We can't even imagine the changes that the final hardware will incorporate once it finally goes on sale in 2014.