MIT To Get Back To Roots OF AI With New Research Center

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is nothing new and has been worked on in varying capacities since the mid-1950s. While there have been some advances made, researchers are still not sure how to make computers think like humans. MIT wants to get back to the roots of it.

Back in the mid -1960s, due to the promising advancements in digital technology, researcher had boldly claimed that solving AI would happen within a generation. Turned out that is was a lot harder than they imagined.

Tomaso Poggio, the Eugene McDermott Professor of Brain Sciences and Human Behavior at MIT states that, "These recent achievements have, ironically, underscored the limitations of computer science and artificial intelligence. We do not yet understand how the brain gives rise to intelligence, nor do we know how to build machines that are as broadly intelligent as we are."

He also says, "It's time to try again. We know much more than we did before about biological brains and how they produce intelligent behavior. We're now at the point where we can start applying that understanding from neuroscience, cognitive science and computer science to the design of intelligent machines."

In agreement, the National Science Foundation announced that it will fund a new research center located at MIT named the "Center for Brains, Minds and Machines". The center will receive $25 million dollars of funding over five years.

The researchers at MIT are pretty good at attaining results, so we should be hearing more from this research center in the future.