Ouya CEO Surprised By Response To Their Funding Program

Back in July of this year, Ouya announced a $1 million developers fund that was designed to help with support for games being made for the Ouya, and had Kickstarter campaigns. There has been some controversy as two games have come into question for fraud.

Not directly mentioning the games in her post, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman posted that she was surprised by the response and that the idea behind the funding program "seems to have been lost".

The truth is, openness is hard. Being open means everything is fair game, and it means sometimes things don't work out exactly as you hope. And when it doesn't work out, everyone knows.

Recently, the intention behind our Free the Games Fund — to provide additional funding to crowd-funded games bound for OUYA, and enable developers to make more of them — seems to have been lost.

She also stated that even with its problems, they were going to stick with the program, and hopes that people will embrace the spirit of the program as it was intended.

It's gotten us this far. We believe (still) that great games from great developers can be discovered this way — by you. If we can put aside the doubt and embrace the spirit of this fund as it is meant, and of OUYA as it is meant, we might just be surprised by what a little positivity can produce.

Let's hope that from now on people don't try to exploit the developers program as it really is a great way to assist independent developers who have limited budges to work with, and need more of a hand than their Kickstarter campaign provide. Remember folks, make a good video game is never cheap.