Samsung Facing Supply Issues With Galaxy S8+ 6 GB Variant

6 GB of RAM isn't default on Samsung's latest Galaxy S8 lineup, but at least the company launched a variant with more memory. At the moment, the Galaxy S8+ with 6 GB of RAM is only available in its home country of South Korea, where the company also announced that pre-orders of all Galaxy S8 models surpassed the 1 million units mark.

Samsung is able to meet demand of all models except with the 6 GB model. According to reports, Samsung is having supply issues with the highly popular Galaxy S8+ with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. The company said that some customers will have to wait a few more days to receive the phone, but the good news is that the stock of Galaxy S8+ phones with 6 GB of RAM will be replenished next week, and pre-orders will continue to ship on a daily basis.