Kid Trumps iPhone 5S Fingerprint Security

Apple's idea behind the swanky fingerprint scanner, and Touch ID on its new iPhone 5S smartphone goes beyond being able to quickly unlock your device. It's being touted as a complete credential management solution. It took a kid to show it its place.

Reddit user "iZeeHunter" posted this obviously choreographed picture of his adorable niece trying to unlock his iPhone, while he takes a nap. The only way Apple could get around something like that is by innovating a coarse gaze-detection feature, which Samsung and LG already have, on their Galaxy S4 and Optimus G Pro (used to auto-pause videos), which would then make girls like her hold portraits of their uncles while they try to unlock their phones.

Jokes aside, if Apple envisions a future where people use their Touch IDs to authenticate everything from online transactions, to personal banking, and their iTunes purchases, these are some of the low-tech security holes it has to patch first. Some of the toughest ones.