2 Million Vodafone Customers' Banking Data Compromised

In yet another high-profile company security breach, Vodafone has stated that an intruder gained access to 2 million customers' personal information and banking data on their German servers. Vodafone stated that it only affects their clients in Germany and a suspect has been identified.

In what looks like an inside job, someone who either knew or had access to insider information was able to access the server and steal user data which includes names, addresses, birth dates, and bank account information. Vodafone stated that the intruder did not get access to credit card information, passwords, personal identification numbers (PIN), or mobile phone numbers.

The attack was detected earlier this month, was shut down and then reported to the police. Clients of Vodafone's can go to the German website to see if they are one of the 2 million affects and that they will also be contacted via mail. While the information that was attained by the hacker could not be used for criminal bank account access, they are warning their customers' about the potential for phishing attacks.

Vodafone is the world's second largest mobile phone carrier.