HTC One S Gets Massive Android 4.1 Update in Europe

HTC One S users in Europe woke up to a little more than a gift under their X'mas trees, an unexpected software update to their precious touchslabs. The Taiwanese premium smartphone maker released a massive 600 MB software package that updates the operating system of the One S to Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean," but what lends it a bulk of its weight is HTC including a complete copy of the new HTC Sense user-interface customization, all other software HTC normally includes with the One S.

The update introduces One S users to Google Now, on-device voice input, new notifications, and "Project Butter," which gives users access to a lot of hardware and OS tweaks. Since the One S is sold through various carriers, not everyone could receive the update, as it's pending carrier-approval. Those not tied to carrier contracts to update their phones through the settings menu. Just make sure you're on WiFi, or your carrier internet bill will ruin your New Year. 

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