Apple iPad 5 And iPad Mini 2 Pictured Together, Show Off Identical Design

When we first heard rumors of the next-generation Apple iPad 5 getting a redesign, taking its cues from the iPad Mini, we thought that the changes would be limited to slimmer bezel and a lighter body only. As we get closer and closer to an imminent launch, those thoughts have changed. Not only is the upcoming iPad 5 based on the iPad Mini design, but is absolutely identical to the iPad Mini 2, the successor to the popular small Apple tablet, this time equipped with a faster processor and a retina display as well.

Are you ready to buy a new iPad? One that is probably as light as 600 grams (or lesser)? We sure are! And add to that the rumors that new display technology and LED back light changes could potentially bring a big boost to battery life, along with a 64-bit Apple A7X processor and and the all new (colorful and animation laden) iOS 7, makes us want the new iPad 5 even more.

The next generation tablets don't have a release date, but their official announcement couldn't possibly be too far away.