Apple Facing Shortage Of iPhone 5S Due To Low Production Yields

Have you been busily preparing your wallet to feel a little (whole lot) lighter this month? Well, if luck doesn't favor you, you might just have to leave it heavy for a little longer, especially if the reason for it was that you were planning on purchasing Apple's newly announced iPhone 5S flagship.

According to a new report, the Cupertino company is facing shortage of iPhone 5S units, thanks to low production yields. The key culprit is said to be the fingerprint scanner, and that is pretty understandable considering the complexity of the tiny yet high-resolution scanner, hidden beneath the new iPhone 5S's redesigned homescreen button.

Oh well, it's not like any of these setbacks will make a dent into the company's projected sales and income, which might be higher than ever thanks to the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C duo.