HP Rumored To Be Working On Windows Phone 8 Device

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Here's something that you should take with two grains of salt. A new report, based on a "trusted" source's word, says that HP is working on a new Smartphone, and that too based on Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 platform, of all the available mobile platforms to choose from (must have been pretty tough).

Post the major webOS fiasco, HP has been lying low when it comes to Smartphones. Meanwhile, the company did launch one or two odd Android tablets, which have received good response (the company needed some of that). It's pretty interesting, if you think about it, that HP is planning to make a return back into the Smartphone domain, and that too, via the Windows Phone path. Knowing fully well that the entire OS is dominated by Nokia's Lumia devices, HP will have to offer the best of the best, or the cheapest of the lot, either of the two, to pick consumer interest in their product. The former might just come true, seeing that the WP8 GDR3 update will add support for quad-core processors and 1080p displays.