Finnish Developer Supercell Takes The Lead In App Revenue In November

While gaming industry revenue news can get a bit dull at times, the fact that Finnish studio Supercell is pulling in more money per month than EA in the iOS market is pretty impressive. To top it off they are doing it with only two apps, Hay Day and Clash of Clans.

If you tend to snoop around at App Annie to see what's hot in the app market (doesn't everyone?), the November report shows Supercell pulling ahead of EA in monthly revenue. While income for studios fluctuates over time, the fact that they are performing this well with only two apps on the market, compared to almost 1000 apps for EA, is really impressive.

It's reported that the Finnish developer is pulling in approximately $1,000,000 a day from their popular apps and if you knock off Apple's 30% cut they are still raking in $700,000. With that kind of income and the investment backing they have received, we can be pretty much assured that they will be bringing out new games in the near future.