Xbox One X Could Be Too Expensive, Say Analysts

Even though it has the hardware to justify its price tag, the Xbox One X may be too expensive, according to analysts who spoke with Game Industry. Multiple analysts agreed the $500 price tag was high for the console gaming market and it could put the Xbox One X out of reach for many.

Microsoft used E3 2017 to reveal the name, price, and release date of the console. It was previously known as Project Scorpio.

As expected, the new device's price point is the most obvious weakness, giving Sony an opportunity to drop its current PlayStation 4 Pro to $350 and raise the stakes, - Joost van Dreunen, SuperData

I think that the price point is too high. Consoles have historically failed at this price point, and consumers seem unwilling to accept anything over $399. The X will have even more trouble, because the S is at $249 and so is the PS4. A consumer could buy both the S and the PS4 for the cost of an X, so it makes it a tough decision for anyone who is budget conscious or constrained. I think it will resonate well with the wealthy few who buy it, but think it's too expensive. - Michael Pachter, Wedbush Securities

Not everyone felt it was a problematic price, however. IDC's Lewis Ward said the console is "remarkably affordable given its specs." Echoing that idea, EEDAR's Sartori Bernbeck said $500 is "fair" because of the specs, though it could still be a "tough sell."