Apple Meeting With Australian Attorney-General To Defend Encryption

Australia will soon consider legislation that'd force companies to decrypt data, potentially putting an end to strong end-to-end encryption in the country. That legislation is supported by the country's Attorney General, George Brandis, who is soon going to meet with Apple.

In the US and elsewhere, Apple has found itself in the position of defending strong end-to-end encryption. It'll undoubtedly make the same arguments when meeting with Brandis, pointing out how complying with Australia's proposed rules could make everyone less safe.

Attorney-General George Brandis says he will hold talks with tech giant Apple this week in bid to get co-operation on the Turnbull government's proposed laws compelling tech companies to give police and intelligence agencies access to encrypted information messages from suspected terrorists and criminals. - Sky News

Brandis is reportedly looking to receive voluntary cooperation with companies at first, but legislation could follow depending on the outcome.