Elon Musk In Favor Of Regulation To Prevent AI-Related Harms

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk continues to make it clear that advanced artificial intelligence (AI) is one of his greatest concerns in the world. While speaking at the National Governor's Association, Musk reiterated his concerns and suggested government regulation should be pursued.

He called the technology the "greatest risk we face as a civilization." With concerns of that magnitude, it's not surprising to hear calls for regulation.

I have access to the very most cutting edge AI, and I think people should be really concerned about it. - Musk

Although he suggested there's debate to be had regarding government oversight in other areas, AI is a field where government involvement really is needed to control the activities of companies.

AI's a rare case where we need to be proactive in regulation, instead of reactive. Because by the time we are reactive with AI regulation, it's too late...AI is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization, in a way that car accidents, airplane crashes, faulty drugs, or bad food were not. - Musk