Sony Xperia Z1 Battery Tests Complete, Longest Talktime On A Smartphone Ever


So the Sony Xperia Z1 is finally on sale, and the folks over at GSMArena managed to get their hands on a review sample (of course they did) and ran it through their torturous battery tests, to which the Xperia Z1 said, "You can talk longer using me than any other Smartphone in the planet."

True, the Xperia Z1 managed to beat the large 4,050 mAh battery in the Huawei Ascend Mate and took the top spot with 26 hours and 53 minutes of talktime over 3G (should be even higher on 2G). Sadly, the Z1 didn't perform when it came to Web Browsing and Video Playback. In fact, the Xperia Z Ultra phablet managed to pull in more on the clock, which hinted at a possible software issue. In which case, a simple software update should be able to fix it and boost Browsing and Video playback on the Z1.

Either way, with an endurance rating of 53 hours, you should be able to use your newly purchased Xperia Z1 for more than a day, unless of course you go beserk surfing or watching movies on it.