Pick Up A Platinum iPhone 5S... For $4,400

Gold Genie is doing their thing again, of taking already expensive (to us commoners) products and throwing them into a whole new category of 'expensive' by coating the product with either gold, rose gold or platinum. We've already seen the HTC One in real gold, it's time to check out Apple's new toy with a coating of precious metal too.

We are warning you, don't even begin dreaming about one of these babies. The HTC One in Gold costs $2900, while the Platinum version costs about $3200. Meanwhile, the iPhone 5S in Platinum will set you back by a whopping $4400, so unless you want to gift your wife some gold, and a new phone at the same time, head back from this page right away and don't even think of clicking the Gold Genie source link (the temptation is just too much to resist!).