Microsoft Ready To Pay $350 Upon Trading-In Your Old iOS or Android Device

Last week, we learnt about Microsoft's new trade-in program where the company would either hand over $200 in cash, or add the same amount of credit to your Microsoft Store account in exchange for your old, working, Apple iPad 2, iPad 3 or the latest iPad 4. This week, Redmond has topped their previous offering with a $350 trade-in for any old iOS or Android device of yours, hoping to make you a convert in the process.

Microsoft is paying the most for devices with higher amounts of internal flash storage. For example, a 64 GB iPhone 5 will fetch you just $265, while the 64 GB Galaxy S4 will give you a cool $275. You're probably still better off selling your last generation phones elsewhere, where they will be valued slightly (much) higher than this. Instead, see if you got an old iPhone 3G of Galaxy S lying around. It might not fetch you enough to buy your next car, but hey, you can always order Pizza!