Get A New Apple iPhone 5C 16 GB For $79.99 From Target

While most US carriers are selling the new 16 GB iPhone 5C for $99.99 with a two-year contract, a select few retailers are selling the device for a $20 discount. Target is one of such retailers, from where you can pick up the new phone for the carrier of your choice. The 32 GB model still costs $199.99 everywhere, which makes us wonder as to why all retailers are pushing hard to sell the cheaper version of the device.

Anyhow, the iPhone 5C has received pretty good reviews, with some tech sites going as far to say that you should go for the 5C instead of the 2012 iPhone 5. Of course, for those who prefer metal over plastic, no matter how premium grade it is, the iPhone 5 will naturally remain a better choice for you lot.