Slow Internet? Quit Complaining, It Used To Be a Lot Worse.

Tales from the script

So how old are you? Were you born before the Internet was called the Internet? Were you around when sending an e-mail across country was an amazing thing? Did you ever experience a black and white television or a rotary dialed phone?

Kids these days tell me I'm old. They're right. I remember watching the first moon landing on a B&W TV in my parent's living room. I remember having a "party line" on the telephone and listening to the neighbor's calls because a private line was very expensive at the time. Things have changed just a tad since then, and I think it may be a good idea to remind you young'uns how good things have gotten.

My first foray into computer programming was in high school. We had one monochrome terminal, for the entire class, to type in the code and everything was saved on punch tape. This was a little better than punch cards as they did not take up as much space, but they were very susceptible to damage. If the tape was torn it was useless. Imagine the fun we had sabotaging other student's backups. At this time there was no internet for the general population. We still dialed phones and used paper maps. Considering how well Apple Maps turned out I'm not sure we were at a disadvantage.

Do you remember when having a monitor that would do more than one color came out? I was thrilled when I purchased my first CGA monitor that would display in 16 colors! It was like a whole new world had arrived on the scene. Of course, having a computer that had 16KB of RAM was a bit of a challenge, but it helps one learn to write very efficient code.

Fast forward to today. Most of the desktop computers that we have at home are more powerful than supercomputers back then. We have instant access to everything on the Internet, including movies, songs, maps, etc., due to the proliferation of broadband Internet. While it's true that not everyone has a fast internet connection, most are better than the external 300 baud modem (pictured) that I used to download files.

So I hope that you appreciate the technology that you have, even if it's not the most high-end, state of the art. I could ramble on for hours about the old tech I've owned, but I would really like to hear when you jumped into technology and your fond (or not so fond) memories of the tech that you've used in the past.

Enjoy your Friday evening.