TF2 Virtual Item To Help Charity

SpecialEffect, a UK based charitable organization that uses video games and tech to help people with disabilities, has announce that with Sega Europe they have release an in-game virtual item for Team Fortress 2 called the Virtual Viewfinder with proceeds going to the charity.

The item is called The Virtual Viewfinder and is available for purchase for £2.99 in the Mann Co. Store, where 99% of the revenue made by Sega will go directly to the charity.

James Schall, Director of Digital Distribution at SEGA Europe, said, "We've been blown away by the support from the community. The wonderful comments across the web supporting what we've done are incredibly humbling for the team and now gamers can directly support SpecialEffect and get their hands on some great items in one go."

He added, "I'm a proud ambassador of SpecialEffect and a huge fan of the way they use technology to enrich the lives of those with disabilities. We enjoy a fruitful and collaborative relationship with Valve based on mutual respect; it's great to be able to use this relationship to drive awareness and revenue for this fantastic charity."

If you would like to check it out and help support the charity you can jump to the store here or at the source link.