Ubisoft's Uplay 4.0 Update To Add Twitch Streaming

We previously reported that Ubisoft would be coming to the next-gen consoles and that the PC version would be getting an update. The new PC 4.0 update will contain a new download manager and a new Social Wall that adds the ability to stream game play on Twitch.

With the new download manager, you will be able to get patches for all the new digital and physical games by just opening Uplay PC. It does not matter if you bought the game at release or months later, the patches will be downloaded immediately so they are ready to be installed. They are also looking at improving the manager so there is less delay between the time the installation of the game and your ability to play it.

With "The Social Wall", you will be able to see what your friends are playing, see when they make achievements and redeemed rewards, invite friends to play together and see what games your friends have purchased so you can get them too.

The interesting thing about the Social Wall is that they are also allowing players to stream their gameplay on Twitch, and an announcement will appear on your Social Wall when someone is streaming. In the past, publishers have been reluctant to allow streaming of their IP to sites like Twitch, but several have reversed their policies of late.