Eurocom Announces Mobile GPU To PCI-E Adapter

Many people are trying to bump up the GPU performance of their laptops. Because of that, companies have started releasing external GPU docking solutions based on Thunderbolt 3, but Eurocom has been looking the other way as well. Mobile GPUs are not very power hungry and some users want to use them to power their desktop computers and thanks to Eurocom, they now have more options.

The popular Canadian laptop manufacturer has now announced MXM3 Riser Cards that will power a desktop PC with a laptop GPU. Two versions are available, for AMD or NVIDIA MXM GPUs. They offer either 6-pin or 8-pin power connectors, multiple DisplayPort ports and D-Sub15/DVI port. Users can install up to MXM GTX 1080 or MXM RX 580 graphics card, and Eurocom has also included removable fan and heat sink for the adapter.