Humble Weekly Sale Features Entire X-Series Lineup

If you've always wanted to play Egosoft's "X" series of games, but never got around to getting any, you are going to love this. This week's "Humble Weekly Sale" offers all of the games set in the X universe in one bundle for the low, low price of only $6.00.

The games included in the "Pay What You Want" level of the sale are X: Beyond the Frontier, X-Tension, X2: The Threat , X3: Reunion (plus its DLC bonus package), and the soundtracks for both X: Albion Prelude and the upcoming X: Rebirth. If you are willing to pony up at least $6.00, you will also receive X3: Terran Conflict, X3: Albion Prelude and X: Superbox Bonus Material.

Obviously the upcoming game, X: Rebirth is not included in the bundle as it's not out yet, but you may like to know that the game is set to release for the PC on November 15th in Europe and on November 19th in North America.

As of this writing there are still over 5 days left in the weekly sale, so if this looks like a good deal to you (it's actually a spectacular deal), then jump to the source link and make them an offer. Remember that you can opt to give a portion of your purchase price to two charities, Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, so don't be a tightwad.

Here's a trailer of X3: Terran Conflict for you to check out.