PlayStation 4 Pro Could End Up Being Faster Than Xbox One X

With the launch of AMD's newest series of high-end graphics cards, RX Vega, we have also learned that some of the new technologies could also lead to massive performance boosts on the PlayStation 4 Pro since the console comes with a chip manufactured by AMD based on its Polaris architecture.

The GPU architecture is said to feature the Rapid Packed Math (RPM) technology that is basically hyper-threading for GPUs, but although the Xbox One X uses AMD GPU, Microsoft opted not to use the RPM.

The RPM technology allows for double the amount of operations to be conducted when less precision is required, meaning if 32-bits of precision are not required, the GPU could instead run two 16-bit operations in parallel and doubling processing throughput, from 4.2 teraflops to 8.4 teraflops. For reference, the Xbox One X has 6 teraflops of graphical performance. The only problem is that developers will need to code for the new technology in order to take advantage of it.