Tablets to Consistently Outsell PCs by 2015: Tim Cook

Not too far away from bringing iPad 5 and second-generation iPad mini to the world, Apple CEO Tim Cook stressed in a recent interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, that he believes that tablets will consistently outsell PCs (desktops and notebooks), by 2015. A recent market analysis by IDC already predicts that tablets will outsell PCs in Q4-2013, even if PCs will have outsold tablets year-wide.

Currently, tablets are perceived by market analysts as being a disruptive product, one that forces people to skip one or more PC upgrade cycles, by opting to buy a premium tablet instead, it's a "gotta have one of those" products. Tablets make for better Holiday gifts than PCs, due to their being more compact and "solid state."

Cook stressed that the era where tablets outsell PCs as a staple computing device is less than 24 months away, adding that the growth in the tablet industry is fueled by none other than PC manufacturers, who are taking to low-cost tablet manufacturing as "a defensive maneuver." He believes that low-cost tablets (based on Android) let people buy into the tablet form-factor, but are designed in a way that don't convince their buyers that tablet could become their staple computing device. In essence, they're counterproductive to the long-term growth of the form-factor.