iPhone 5C Doesn't Excite Woz

After each new iPhone launch, Steve "Woz" Wozniak, is thronged by the press about his opinion on the new Apple products. Woz' opinion carries weight, because he's the company's co-founder, and is known to give a honest opinion. The new iPhone 5C doesn't excite Woz.

"I'm not turned on by the 5C," Woz stated, admitting that he's more of a high-end person. Commenting on the iPhone 5S, he said "Oh gosh, now I've got to get three new phones to get, the three 5S colors." Woz clarified that he didn't actually see the iPhone 5C, because it didn't attract him.

I haven't seen [the 5C] too much because it wasn't very attractive to me. You know what, a lot of Apple products, you've got to hold it in your hand and you get a whole different view of it. I've only just seen pictures online. So I'm not a good judge, but nothing grabbed my attention like a lot of Apple products."

We're looking forward to his take on the iOS 7.