Samsung Almost Ready with 64-bit Exynos Chip, Galaxy S5 Development Underway

Samsung is reportedly giving final touches to its next-generation Exynos SoC, which features 64-bit ARM cores based on a big.LITTLE arrangement of high-performance Cortex-A57 and low-power Cortex-A53 cores, with HMP (heterogeneous multi-processing) enabled, that lets the operating system power up all eight cores, and distribute processing loads between them.

When complete, the 64-bit Exynos chip will drive the first ARM 64-bit Android smartphone, which could very well be the Galaxy S5. Samsung is accused of adopting a "checkbox" approach to designing its flagship smartphones, and with Apple designing the iPhone 5S on the 64-bit machine-architecture, Samsung has taken it upon itself to quickly trail (or even better) it.

While with the iPhone 5S, Apple is betting on better performance by higher virtual memory that the 64-bit address space brings to the table, despite its limited 1 GB of memory, Samsung is equipping its devices with larger amounts of it. The Galaxy S4 ships with 2 GB, and the recently launched Galaxy Note 3, tops the pack with 3 GB. At this rate, it shouldn't surprise you if the Galaxy S5 ships with 4 GB of memory, something a 64-bit machine can actually use.

Speaking of which, sources told Korean publication DAUM that development of Samsung's next-generation flagship handset, the Galaxy S5, is underway at Samsung. While the industry excused Samsung for skipping its promised aluminium unibody construction, and instead choosing a plush leather finish on its Galaxy Note 3, we have a feeling that the company's high-end lineup won't survive another drab, plasticky contraption like the Galaxy S4, in the era of not one, but two resurgent companies in the premium smartphone space, Sony and HTC.