Project Cars 2 Developer Was 'Impressed' With Xbox One X

Microsoft's most powerful console to-date, the Xbox One X, was powerful enough to "impress" Slightly Mad Studios COO Rod Chong. The company is known for developing Project Cars 2. Chong says the Xbox One X version of the game will come with unspecified "enhancements."

Unfortunately, I can't tell you that much right now because we are benchmarking as we speak. We are impressed with the hardware but right now we are benchmarking. There will obviously be enhancements, but we are not ready to showcase exactly what those are yet. Other than it must be 60 frames per second or death. - Chong

Enhancements will also be present on the PlayStation 4 Pro, another higher-end console. Though, like with the Xbox One X, Slightly Mad Studios isn't offering details right now.

Preorders for the console began this month and the system is set to come out on November 10.