Pirate Radio Station Locks People Out Of Their Cars

It seems that for the last several month people in Hollywood, Florida, have been having problems with their keyless-entry devices not working, and not being able to get into their cars. Turns out the culprit was a pirate radio station causing all the problems. The station was broadcasting in the same band that i-keys use to communicate with vehicles.

The problem started cropping up when people would go to the Hollywood (FL) Police Department and their fobs stopped working. Many people had their cars towed to the local dealers only to find that the problem suddenly vanished. Scratching their heads also, the dealerships sent people home without doing anything to their vehicles as they could fine no problems with the electronics or the remote entry devices.

While the person who was running the pirate radio station had no idea that he was causing mischief for these people, he still was in violation for running an unlicensed radio station, and the police are still trying to find him. It's reported that the radio station was causing problems for cars made by Ford, Lexus, Toyota, BMW and Mercedes.

This quote from the source takes the cake:

"Most drivers were forced to read their owner's manual to learn how to access their manual key," a service manager at a Lexus dealership nearby said.

We're doomed.