Roboy to be Born in 9 Months!

Scientists and Engineers at the University of Zurich have a very ambitious plan to build a humanoid robot for the purpose of being a helping hand. The robot is said to be just 1.2m tall, look like a child, and moves by artificial tendons. Their plan so far is to help the elderly and sick as a mechanical helper.

The University of Zurich has already found 15 project partners along with over 40 engineers to help in this project. The plan is to develop the 1.2 meter tall robot in as little as 9 months. The university also hopes to help fund the project by using a combination of "commercial partners and crowd funding."

The scientists and engineers claim that using the artificial tendons will allow the robot to move as graceful as a real human. "We can very safely assume that service robots will become part of our environment in the future." the researchers say. If this is true, this project could have a huge impact on the future of robotics and the use of such robots.

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