Twitter CEO Suggests He Turned Down Acquisition Offer In 2016

Rumors that Disney and Salesforce were pursuing an acquisition of Twitter last year may have been accurate. When those acquisition rumors were in the air, CEO Jack Dorsey unexpectedly pulled out of an in-person appearance with Martin Sorrell, CEO of advertising holding group WPP.

This year, at the Dmexco conference in Germany, Sorrell was able to sit down with Dorsey. During their chat, he pressed Dorsey on why he was suddenly unable to attend the event last year.

Based on his responses, the Twitter CEO seemed to confirm some of the rumors and suggested the social network turned down an acquisition offer by an unnamed company. This goes against reports from 2016 that claimed Disney and Salesforce lost interest because of Twitter's harassment problem.

Here's the exchange:

Sorrell: "First question is: When we were speaking last year, you couldn't come here. Why couldn't you come here, what was the reason you couldn't come to Cologne last year?"

Dorsey: "Uh, reasons, we had a lot of reasons."

Sorrell: "Oh, don't be coy. There were rumours at the time that somebody ... might be interested in buying Twitter. Was that true?"

Dorsey: "There were certainly rumours, there were certainly rumours of a conversation."

Sorrell: "And when we were talking in the green room, you did say it was your choice that did not go forward."

Dorsey: "Yes."