Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations Now Available For PC

Matrix Games has announced the release of the new warfare simulation Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations. The game is available now for Windows PC and puts players in charge of managing air and naval operations, both tactical and strategic, on a global scale.

The game is set in periods stretching from post-World War II to modern day, and even into the future. The game features an accurately reproduced entire earth globe that includes realistic weather conditions, sensors, weapons, vessels, airplanes and submarines. They also state that the artificial intelligence is modeled on real life weapon systems. Additionally, there is a scenario editor which lets you create your own battles or edit existing ones.

The game has been developed by the fine folks over at Warfare Sims, and can be purchased at Matrix Games' website. Be forewarned, the game is not cheap as the download version will set you back $80 and the boxed version will bleed $95 from your wallet. There does not appear to be a Collector's Edition at this time.